About Utah ChiroSport

Movement is an essential factor in order to function and respond to the physical demands of life.  When our movement patterns change due to muscular weakness, soft tissue dysfunction, decreased nerve signaling and reoccurring negative postural reinforcement, we place the body under stress loads that requires it to compensate and make changes in order to accomplish whatever we do on a daily basis.  These types of stresses are the ones that can cause pain and if left over years will eventually expose itself as degeneration and an inability to perform tasks that would previously have been simple.

At Utah ChiroSport, we are a Salt Lake City Chiropractor that addresses these movement issues for the whole spectrum.  Whether you’re an athlete, a weekend warrior, a mother, father or the individual that slaves away at work, we can help.  We are not the 3 minute visit.  Our analysis is in depth and we assess motion in order to get our data and treatment plan.  We focus on movement dysfunction analyzing mobility, stability and rehabilitation in order to re-program and let your body restore itself to provide the support it needs.   


About Dr. Tyler Taumoli

Dr. Tyler Taumoli is from Richmond British Columbia Canada. He’s very proud of his half Samoan and half Dutch heritage, which has helped him appreciate the diversity of other cultures. Dr. Taumoli always participated in sports, where he excelled in basketball and rugby. Following high school, he went on to play basketball on scholarship and gained a true appreciation for sports and athletic competition. Dr. Taumoli, while playing sports, experienced different types of injuries. These injuries exposed him to both chiropractic care and physical therapy. It was through these experiences that he developed a philosophy that would lead him to understand the human body and the biomechanical platform which creates motion.

Dr. Taumoli attended the University of Utah and graduated with a B.S. in Exercise Sports Science. After graduating, he moved to California to work for the Physical Therapy Sports Institute, a well known clinic in Riverside County. He took part in exercise rehabilitation with athletes recovering from post-surgical hip, knee and shoulder replacements. The opportunity of working with highly skilled manual Physical Therapists left a lasting impression on the need to address the arthrokinematics and motion dysfunctions that are so prevalent amongst our society. 

After working in this clinical setting, Dr. Taumoli decided to attend Chiropractic school in Dallas Texas at Parker College of Chiropractic. It was during his time at Parker that he strengthened his philosophy of the importance of healthy spinal mechanics and healthy supportive tissues. Combining two worlds of physical therapy influence & chiropractic has helped Dr. Taumoli recognize how both approaches assist the central nervous system reinforce pathways that provide function and neuroplasticity. This, ultimately, allows for optimum health & function of our bodies. 

Dr. Taumoli has been married for 14 years to his lovely & sweet wife Lani and loves spending time with his family and friends, who are his pride and joy.